I am so excited for my new post series, “Book Report”! I could go on and on about how much I love Usborne Books & More and why I think they are the best books (and they are), but I sell them and I am an adult. So I have asked a few Usborne Book lovin’ kids to “review” a book! So much better, right?

I asked the kids to read the book (obviously) then fill out a form (or the parent would do it) that was full of questions including what your name would be if you were a character in a book.  See fun, right? The questions are straight forward and pretty simple to answer for kids of all ages! This is supposed to be a fun exercise after all! Parents are loving it because they get to hear some AWESOME answers and hello, reading comprehension! Fun and educational, just like our books!

So now without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to Snake, she is a 4 year old little lady, who loves silly books, learning to read and swimming. She has fallen in love with “Bug in a Rug” one of our Phonic books (more details about them at the bottom)

Snake is snuggled up reading the book!


QUESTION:  Did you like this book?

ANSWER: Yes. It’s my favorite!

QUESTION: Pick a Word that describes this book.


Snake goes on to tell us a little more about the book, if she could describe the book in one sentence she would say, “snug as a bug in a rug”.  “Bug in a Rug” has two characters, Bug & Slug and Bug was going to go work for Slug so he needed sleep. Snake’s favorite part of the book was when Bug falls asleep in the rug (what silliness?)!
The one this that Snake learned from the book is that sleep is important!  (Truer words have never been spoken)

Thank you Snake! We appreciate you taking the time to tell us a little bit more about a “Bug in a Rug”!

Here is just a little bit more information about Usborne’s phonic books (yup, there are more just like this)!  This is a fun story with amazing illustrations to keep young readers engaged! It can also be enjoyed by children who are beginning to read for themselves. The simple rhyming text helps to develop essential language and early reading skills, and there are guidance notes for parents at the back of the book. WOO HOO!
If you or your child LOVES Usborne books and would like to do a “Book Report” for me, check out this form!

Disclaimer: All participants in the “book report” did it because they love Usborne Books. They were not paid, but were rewarded with a special gift from me as a thank you!


Spring into a new book!

Who is ready for some Spring flowers, sunshine and reading outside?


And, I am not one to rush through the seasons. I love them all. All of them bring so much goodness in their own ways. But, we were spoiled here in Connecticut these past few days with beautiful weather and temperatures almost reaching 70 degrees (in February!) So now, I am all about green grass, pretty flowers, picnics and new books.


Spring break is upon us and that means kids will be home with you ALL day! Loads of fun until you hear your first “I’m bored, Mom!”

And that my friend is why you have me! Let me be your Usborne Books & More consultant. I am here to help you find the perfect book to keep you little ones busy and entertained during Spring break and beyond.

With over 2000 titles and more being added, we can find a book that is perfect for your reader whether they are interested in space, princesses, bugs, trains, cats or something else! Have a baby…no problem! We have so many wonderful, beautifully colored, textured, flaps books for the littlest of readers.  Have a teen… we got you covered! We have some AWESOME new chapter book titles. We have a ton of fiction and non-fiction for everyone in between.

You can shop my website any time at, but who likes to pay full price? Not me.


By hosting a party (Facebook, online, catalog, in-person, or a skype party), you could earn these books for FREE! Just invite your family and friends to purchase books from your party and you can earn a ton of books for your readers.  Interested in hosting a party or learning more about it, send me a message!

Happy Dreaming of Spring & reading!