B is for Book Review: B is for Bedtime

This is an adorable book for a toddler or preschooler who is learning the Alphabet. It is a great bedtime story and highlights each letter without beating you or the child over the head with this is the letter B!

This is a great book by Kane Miller Publishing and is the first picture book by Maragaret Hamilton and is illustrated by Anna Pignataro. Check out the cover for the book below! Its a hardback with great thick cardstock style pages. Perfect for the toddlers who love to help turn the pages!

B is for Bedtime


I am going to start with the illustrations. Each page is simple and perfect.  Its calming and peaceful. Not too busy but not too dull. My son, H loves looking for the little dog on each page and makes little comments about what he is up to.

B is for bedtime inside

I mean let’s be real… how cute is this dog? It kind of makes me want one. But then I think of all those chilly walks at 6 am in the winter I will have to do and decide that I will keep this cute little dog in the book. My mother in law ordered this book to keep at her house just because of the dog.

One reason I stinkin’ love this book is for the page above.  “B is for the book with my dad. It’s a winner.” My husband reads to my son every night (if he isn’t traveling) and H and I started a tradition of giving my hubster a book every Father’s Day that they can read together before bed! So this page right here… melts my heart.

My son learned his ABCs early on… not bragging… I honestly don’t know how it happened. I have no tips for you except sing the song and put out letters that are everywhere. BUT this book… its teaching him his lowercase letters. FOR REAL! Check out the video below of H reading the book!

So in closing… I highly recommend this book as a bedtime story, but also a lesson for the alphabet and the difference between Upper and lowercase letters!

H reading B is for Bedtime

Disclaimer: I am not a critic, a book expert, an author, or publisher. I don’t work for a newspaper or magazine. I am an Educational Consultant with Usborne books and More. If you were to purchase this book off my website, I would receive commission. These are my thoughts and opinions. I am just highlighting some awesome books!



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