Welcome to my Usborne Books & More blog! Have you heard of Usborne Books? No? Don’t worry… I’m happy to introduce you to this wonderful world of children’s books! You will never look at that book at Target the same way again!

Let me tell you a little about what we do! We publish high-quality, educational children’s’ books, all ages – infant up to young adult. We really focus on making our books unique and non-commercialized because we love to encourage kids to think outside the box. We also provide programs like book fairs, and fundraisers for schools and organizations.

I learned of Usborne right before my son turned two so just this past Summer. And I fell in love… hard. So did my son and husband. My son is an active little man, we will call him H. He is too young for me to ask if he wants to be a part of my business or on the web so we are going with abbreviations for all parties involved except me, you can call me Meghan! Here I am! I may show more of my face later.


I attended my first (EVER) Facebook party in August. My friend asked me to join this event and said “Usborne makes great children’s books and I think you would love them”. So I happily agreed, but I remember thinking “what in the world is this?”. I googled Usborne before the party because I didn’t want to go in and not know what I was doing. I ordered my first two books that night and agreed to host a Facebook party too!

I remember sitting on the couch with my husband the next Monday for “Money Mondays”. and he turns to me and says “You spent $40 at Usborne? What is that?” and my response was “I purchased the coolest books in the world for H and I am going to get more for FREE!”. And FREE books I earned! I think I got $120 worth of books for FREE plus a ton at a discount. When it came time to pick my free books,  I realized I wanted ALL the books for H (and for me and for my husband). Very fast, It became clear I needed to become a consultant.

The rest I would say is history and it is, but it took lots of conversations with my hubbie about becoming a consultant for a direct sales company.  I would love to say I started the business because I want to solve the literacy issues we face as a nation (which I totally am!) or because I grew up an avid reader who has read all the classics (I will… eventually)! I started because these books are super cool, my son sat still and I needed something for me! We all start different projects, hobbies and jobs for different reasons.  You could totally start as a consultant to earn some extra cash for vacations, bills or college or truly save the world from our literacy crisis! Those are all great reasons and all will be accomplished with Usborne. So I hope you enjoy this blog, my ramblings, book recommendations and pictures & videos! Welcome to the wonderful world of Usborne. The addiction is real!

If you are interested in checking out the books, go here notyourtypicalbook.com



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